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Useful Tips & Tricks For Clash Royale

1. Everything can be obtained from the chests (including free and Cofre Cofre de Coronas) is based on your current level Arena. Which means that you can not get any card that has not been unlocked yet. For this reason, you have to try to reach as many trophies as possible, because the reward is always better in the upper sands.
Once you access to a superior arena, you only degrade to previous trophy if your number is 50 or more below the requirement of the current Arena.

2. If you are a player free-to-play , focus only level up in the cards you want to use. Check out the cards that carry the top players in your clan so you know what you may find useful when you get to higher levels. The cards need gold to level up will come a point where you need more than 1,000 gold for each update ... Gold is the main barrier in this game. Try to save gems until you can buy the pack of 10,000 golds for 500 gems, it is the best way to spend your gems.


3. Never stop open chests. Try to get the chest of Coronas every day before starting the next.
The Free Box appears every four hours and can store up to 2 of them waiting to be opened, ie, a total of 8 hours.

4. The timer for the Cofre de Coronas every 24h is reset from the moment you get the first crown of the current chest. For this reason, it is important to try to get at least one crown as soon as the new Cofre de Coronas available.


5. Once you get to level 3, join a clan immediately. You can order cards and donate to other members to get more gold and experience. You can get up to 4,000 gold every week with just donate.
You can order cards every 8 hours and you can donate up to 60 letters every day. Try donate cards whenever possible.

6. Look at the level of your fellow clan when drawing cards. It makes no sense to ask a Mage (a letter from the Arena 5) If there are 2 members with more than 1,400 trophies in your clan, and the rest may still not have unlocked the letter alone.

7. When searching clan, try to find one with many members (over 45) and with the greatest possible number of weekly donations. This will give you more opportunities to donate cards and letters that your requests are met quickly. Look at the composition of the clan before joining to avoid ending up in a clan with many inactive members.


8. Buy always the first 3 or 4 common cards (pay up to 6 or 7 gold) and at least the first rare card displayed in the store every day (40 golds). For each common letter gifts get 5 gold and 1 experience point and for each rare 50 golds and 10 experience. . Do the math, really worth buying at the store if only to "resell" donating the clan!

9. In the store, never pay more than 20 gold medals by a common letter or more than 100 for a rare card. You can buy the second letter epic (3,600 coins) if you really need.
The store is reset every day at 0.00h check the store every day if there is any letter you need.
Cards available at the store are different for each player and it is possible (though unlikely) that appear the same cards for two days.

Matching System and Combat

10. The matching system Clash Royale is based solely on the number of trophies. Do not worry if you face a player who has 2 levels more than you, because that means you're doing really well and the opponent is not too good.

10 + 1. It is important to watch replays of your games, you can learn a lot from your mistakes. Sometimes in the midst of heading mistakes you realize that, in reruns, seem much clearer.

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